Water Heater Installation

Don't Wait for Your Water Heater to Burst

Trust us to tackle your water heater installation in Malden, MA

Is water pooling on the floor under your water heater? Are your energy bills sky-high? Does your hot water look rusty? Your water heater could be on its last legs. Upgrade to a new one by arranging for a water heater installation from Wrench It Plumbing and Heating. Whether you want a gas, electric or tankless water heater, we can hook it up for you ASAP.

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Explore the possibilities

Since there are many types of water heaters available, it can be difficult to determine which one will work best for you. Get expert advice from the knowledgeable team at Wrench It Plumbing and Heating.

You can choose from a:

  • Gas water heater. You'll love how quickly a gas water heater heats up large volumes of water.
  • Electric water heater. You can minimize standby time with an electric water heater.
  • Tankless water heater. You'll never run out of hot water with this energy-efficient option.

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